Den Bosch Free Tours

Den Bosch Free Tours is a free walking tour through the versatily city of Den Bosch, organised twice a month. If you're looking for a private tour (English/Dutch) or a specified tour, please contact us as well! Lees verder

"The full name of Noord-Brabant's capital is ’s-Hertogenbosch (Duke's Forest). Den Bosch has two dynamite sights: a remarkable church and a great museum dedicated to its namesake artist. It also has unique tunnel canals to explore." Besides two dynamite sights to explore, the city of 's-Hertogenbosch offers a variety of beautiful and unique buildings and places, that will make every tourist long for more. During a 2½ hour free walking tour, our guide will show you the beauty of the medieval old town, and the stunning 17th and 18th century city walls. A history that starts around 70.000 bc, and ends in the present. You're more than welcome to join the first ever Den Bosch Free Tours, organised by a lover of history whose roots to Den Bosch date back to the 19th century. The tour will take around 2½ hours, and will hopefully leave you longing for more! Meet our guide at the Statue of Jeroen Bosch @ Markt (central market) in Den Bosch at 12:00 on sunday, the 1st of october. The tour is 100% free and independently organised. If you've enjoyed the tour, feel free to tip us, if you didn't enjoy the tour, please help us improve it!